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Ontrack entered the software world in 1985. The company was founded by Michael Rogers, John Pence and Gary Stevens, three Control Data Corporation veterans who saw an unacknowledged problem in the disk drive market: though hard drive manufacturers were making 40MB, 50MB and 85MB drives, MS-DOS was only able to "see" 32MB. In order to conquer this limitation, Rogers, Pence and Stevens created and developed Disk Manager, a hard disk installation utility that shattered the 32MB size limit and provided the lone unifying link between all of the computer industry's rapidly evolving technologies. Ontrack Computer Systems, Inc. was born.

In 1987, the young software company turned its sights on data recovery. This new venture began with a phone call to an Ontrack representative by an employee of Wayne Engineering Corporation (WEC). The WEC employee reported that almost all of the critical data on his company's NetWare file server had been lost due to corrupted Novell NetWare structures. Worse yet, the company lacked the time or money to mount an adequate recovery operation.

Although Ontrack had never before performed a data recovery, its engineers used their NetWare expertise to recover 100% of WEC's data. This successful salvage mission prompted Ontrack's owners to unveil Ontrack Data Recovery, Inc., a subsidiary of Ontrack Computer Systems. Since its inception in 1988, Ontrack Data Recovery has been at the vanguard of the data recovery industry, achieving an unsurpassed success rate and cultivating a diverse list of federal, corporate and private clientele, ranging from the FBI to AT&T to the University of Denver.

But the Ontrack story does not end there. Ontrack continued its marked growth in business and services. In June 1996 Ontrack introduced a new corporate name, ONTRACK Data International, Inc. The company also began offering Electronic Evidence and Computer Forensic services. The Computer Forensic experts at Ontrack can safely enter your system or network during any civil or investigative proceeding to determine whether data has been tampered with, deleted or destroyed. Ontrack engineers have worked with a myriad of clients and have assisted federal law enforcement agents in data and equipment seizures.

In addition to the growth in data-related services, Ontrack expanded its international presence. Ontrack opened its first German office in Fall 1996, which joined the existing international offices in London, England and Tokyo, Japan. Subsequent offices are located in Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland, etc.

Software is an integral part of the Ontrack Data Recovery data protection and recovery solution. Ontrack Data Recovery for NetWare (ODRN) software, a NLM data protection and recovery utility for Novell systems, is even featured by Novell in their Certified NetWare Engineer training courses. EasyRecoveryTM software is the inexpensive do-it-yourself data recovery software product, which offers an alternative solution to Ontrack Data Recovery's Remote Data RecoveryTM or In-Lab data recovery services.

On June 13, 2002 Kroll Inc. acquired ONTRACK Data International, Inc. This acquisition brings together the technology expertise of Ontrack to the world's leading risk consulting company, Kroll, forming the fifth business group at Kroll called the Technology Services Group. Under this group, Ontrack markets its electronic discovery and forensics services under the brand name "Kroll Ontrack" and markets the data recovery software and services under the brand name "Ontrack Data Recovery".

More information is available at the Kroll Ontrack Web site.

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