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in cooperation with: Kroll Ontrack, LLC

Ontrack Data Recovery Japan, a division of A1 Data Corp., provides data recovery services in Japan and Asia. We began operations in April 1995, and have served over 50,000 customers to date. Ontrack Japan is part of the worldwide network of Kroll Ontrack, LLC.

Even including the difficult cases, where the media has been physically damaged or the file system has been completely overwritten, our data recovery rate exceeds 80%. Our customers continuously rate us the highest in the conformance of the recovered data to the original.

Ontrack Japan recovers data from almost all types of flash, silicon, optical and magnetic media, including:

We handle almost any operating or file system, including:
We can also recover data from:

The Ontrack Japan laboratory comes equipped with clean room equipment and high-speed proprietary computer systems, used to recover your valuable data. Our engineers are fully trained in clean room and specialized data recovery techniques.

We teamed in late 1994 with the world leader in data recovery, Kroll Ontrack, LLC of the USA, to establish the Ontrack Japan division. The division has been growing ever since.

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For more information about Ontrack data recovery services and capabilities,
please call Ontrack Japan today at:

In Japan: 0120-413-374
Phone: +81-4-2932-6365 or FAX: +81-4-2932-6370
e-mail: sales at ontrack-japan.com www: http://www.ontrack-japan.com

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