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2017.01.23 Change company name; update server nad media lists, etc.
2005.03.02 Convert web pages to HTML 4.01 Transitional (mostly :-)
2004.11.12 Washington D.C. office moves to an even larger facility.
2004.06.21 Big typhoons hit Japan! Offer discount on data recovery of flood jobs.
Campaign ended two months later.
2004.06.21 Japanese pages redesigned. Updated links.
2004.01.06 Area code changed again. Update all Ontrack Japan telephone numbers.
2003.04.17 Los Angeles office moves to a larger facility; updated address.
Removed dead BBS links from location pages.
1999.12.24 Ontrack Minneapolis/Eden Prairie moved to a new office; updated the address.
Removed link to San Jose office, as it was closed. Please use Los Angeles instead.
1999.02.22 Rewrote English home page due to new Japanese pages;
Revision history moved to its own page.
1998.07.08 Washington D.C. office moves to larger facility.
1998.05.29 New York Metro Area and Paris, France offices opened!
1998.04.28 Ontrack Japan telephone number has changed:
Tel: +81 (0)4-2932-6365
FAX: +81 (0)4-2932-6370
1998.03.05 Y-E DATA announces USB interface FDD (Japanese).
1998.01.20 Added English language pages;
updated postal code in Y-E Data address;
changed link to Micropolis on Jpn:Hot Links.

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