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What is Data Recovery?

Ontrack data recovery experts can recover data from virtually every operating system and storage device in virtually every data loss situation without voiding equipment warranties.

Data recovery is the process by which computer experts salvage and extract lost data from hard drives and other storage media corrupted by a wide array of natural and human causes. Thanks to our long history in the computer software and services industry, and our special relationship with the industry's leading equipment manufacturers, Ontrack Data Recovery is one of the few companies in the world that has developed the tools and perfected the techniques to make this complex procedure possible. In fact, the speed, efficiency and depth of our data recovery expertise dwarfs the data recovery functions currently offered by disk utility software. When industry and non-industry professionals lose their data, they know their best hope for top-notch service and solutions is Ontrack Data Recovery.

The causes of data loss are as unique, numerous and varied as computer users themselves. Some of the more common corrupters and destroyers of computer data are natural disasters, electro-magnetic failures, computer virus attacks and user errors. One additional and growing threat to the security of your valuable information is computer crime, ranging from overt industrial espionage to intentional and malicious tampering by disgruntled employees, acquaintances and strangers. Whatever the ultimate cause--natural, human or both--Ontrack can recapture data from virtually any operating environment in virtually any situation. This has helped Ontrack achieve a success rate unparalleled in the industry.

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